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Hello friends. Where is the best place to out all the insanely nasty, disrespectful whores that seem to have taken over this town like the bunch of cockroaches they are? I'm talking about the girls who think it is a game to try to "steal" husbands and want to constantly stir shit up and sleep with any and everybody. The ones that secretly sell themselves (or try to). The ones who act like they are hot stuff but have NOTHING going for themselves. I don't know if they have Daddy issues or what, but they clearly have no class, self-respect, or respect for others.

Oh and the stupid ass men that actually touch these disease ridden individuals need to be outed too because they might take something home that can't be washed off and their wives/girlfriends don't deserve that crap just because HE can't keep it in his pants. Just wondering if there is like a list somewhere or if anyone wants to know these things or if everyone is cool with turning a blind eye.

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Most girls in this town sleep with everyone and most guys will do it too.

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Pass them to Chris Crenshaw hes nasty and wants a new one everyday. Plus he selling fentanyl to ppl done over dosed one person

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The One

Just send them to Chris Crenshaw he wants a new one every day plus he's the plug for some Fentanyl patches for a minute and it's selling like crazy as an overdose someone so yeah cinnamon to him he'll enjoy him he'll take them out

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Who' the girls

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